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We Call It The LeverageTek Experience

It starts with getting to know the environment you work in, your organization, your culture, your brand, and your project. As we get to know your business needs, we tailor our processes to meet your requirements. Relevant tools and templates are matched to each client and are reviewed and refined regularly pre and post-engagement, ensuring the highest quality.

We understand each client and their needs are unique. From the proprietary project management processes to your internal systems, the environment you work within defines how information is generated, shared, and supported. Our goal is to support you in getting the right information to the right people at the right time through projects or services. We do this by customizing our approach, matching services to your needs, and remaining engaged throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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Personal. Professional. Precise.

The LeverageTek Experience uses simple and effective relationship building and management. It is personal, professional, and precise to meet your needs and support you in the delivery of your objectives.

Our Approach

LeverageTek IT Solutions is a recognized supplier of technology staffing and business consulting services. With hundreds of successful engagements to our credit with many of Canada’s leading public and private sector organizations, we are the experts in identifying, deploying, and supporting IT and business talent on a contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placement basis.


How Our Customers Think Of Us

"May 14, 2018

Re: LeverageTek IT Solutions

To Whom It May Concern,

LeverageTek IT Solutions currently provides -- with a broad range of technology related resources. They have adapted to our evolving business needs, and have supported us in staffing numerous contract and permanent positions in areas including Service Desk, Security and Project Management.

All of our experiences with Mark Provenzano and the entire LeverageTek team have been very positive. The understand our requirements from a cultural fit perspective but also in terms of technological skills and expertise. Our partnership with LeverageTek has proven to be extremely valuable to us. "

“April 6, 2018

To Whom It May Concern.

LeverageTek IT Solutions i a current provider to the -- Human Resources team in sourcing of talent for IT positions within --. Over the past seven years, LeverageTek has played a big role in our ability to find strong IT talent for our numerous projects and for full time IT positions.

Our experiences with LeverageTek has been extremely positive and they have proved to be one of the top agencies that we outsource. They are always very responsive in our mandates and provide high caliber candidates for all our roles, including the hard to fill positions. LeverageTek feels like an extension of the -- HR team as they take the time to understand the role, the culture and the requirements so they can present candidates that are of the level we require. LeverageTek caters to the requests of their client groups and conducts thorough and tailored assessments of the profiles received. LeverageTek team is highly adaptable to our ever-changing and fast-paced environment.

I would highly recommend you utilize their services for your recruitment needs."

"April 20, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter serves as a Letter of Reference for LeverageTek IT Solutions, on behalf of the --, to demonstrate and confirm LeverageTek's ability to play a key and successful role for application development, maintenance, support, enhancements and replacement for both custom-built systems and COTS.

Specific to our engagement with LeverageTek, details are as follows:

The -- project includes the creation, development and implementation of a custom application solutions that enable the -- the quality the physician candidates for the practice of medicine within Canada. Previously delivered only in Canada, the new solution includes delivering the examination internationally through a vendor. This project streamlines and facilitates the examination process and consists of administered examinations, preparatory guides and learning tools. This project consists of multiple components and activities, including the customization, amalgamation and integration of multiple databases, a dynamic and robust scoring module, as well as self-administered exams and preparations examinations.

The LeverageTek team members include quality resources who delivery the business analysis, software development and quality assurance expertise and experience required by the -- to successfully deliver the -- project. Throughout all facets of activity, this team, working directly with -- staff deliver proactive, professional and superior services that are helping to ensure the success of the project."

"February 9, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

LeverageTek IT Solutions is a current supplier of technology-related staffing services to --. Over the past five years they have assisted our organization with numerous recruitment mandates in support of both project and operational initiatives. Over the past two years, in particular, LeverageTek has been instrumental in delivering many specialized consultants to assist -- in our Information Technology Outsourcing project.

All of our experience during our five year association with LeverageTek has been very positive, and they have proven to be a valuable resource to supplying candidates/consultants that fit will with our company culture. We are a very dynamic company, and LeverageTek has been able to respond to our staffing requirements in a timely manner and often submit candidates that meet or exceed our expectations. "

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