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We have decades of experience in contractor payroll management and support. Our clients can save time and reduce risk by engaging us to manage the complete payroll management process for an existing contract employee or an entire team. Contractor Management includes onboarding/offboarding, income tax and EI/CPP remittances, vacation accrual and dispersal, statutory holidays, time-tracking and management, and insurance – all in strict accordance with Canadian Labour Code standards.

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Consultant Testimonials


    “I've worked with LeverageTek in Ottawa as an independent consultant since 2016. For that time, I have been engaged by 5 different clients and have had numerous extensions with no idle time. Being part of the LeverageTek's team is fun - they have exceptional relationships with their clients and consultants. Every client and consultant matter for them and their dedication certainly goes above and beyond. I am truly impressed by their professionalism, transparency and commitment - this is why this team always wins.”

    Dan D, Senior Project Manager


    “I had the pleasure of working with LeverageTek on several occasions and can say unequivocally that they are a top-notch professional organization. They sincerely care about their consultants and clients and it shows. They put in the time and effort to get to know me and the skills I possess which ensured a perfect match on both ends. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and some of the nicest people I've ever met. A good partner for IT consultants to have in the Ottawa area.”

    Darla W, Senior ITSM Business Analyst


    “The words professionalism, consideration, and respect immediately come to mind when I think of LeverageTek and their employees. Their enthusiasm and solid work ethic demonstrate their commitment to clients and consultants alike. There, I am not just another consultant but a member of the LeverageTek family.”

    David R, Quality Assurance Tester


    “Over the past year, I’ve been really impressed with LeverageTek in terms of the support they provide to both their clients and their consultants. They let me do what I do while making sure that all of the background stuff is taken care of. I never have to wonder, cover, mumble or back-peddle. Why didn’t I find these guys sooner?”

    Terry R, Senior Analyst/Programmer


    “I enjoyed my experience working with LeverageTek because I was impressed with their services and professionalism. Their experience and industry knowledge made me feel comfortable throughout the interviewing process. I really appreciated their diligence in following up and supporting me.”

    Dana, Quality Assurance Tester

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